Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tenshine Nana Released!

My UTAU released today! This will be her first blog a.k.a official site. I'll edit her voicebank first before upload it.

Well, don't know what to say anymore, so that's all~
I'll post the sample of her voice later.

You can use the voicebank if you want, later when it's uploaded. And, oh,she provide both hiragana and romaji ^^


  1. Can I ask you? Where did you get the UTAU's program? And btw I love your UTAU :D

  2. Tenshine Nana, Seven Angel's voice? XD
    nice UTAU btw >w<b

  3. @大塚 めぐみ I forgot... I'll tell you when I remember :D

    @Aoi Tsuki LOL, yes~ thank you~